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Benefits for preventative care for employers:

Health Review

Healthy Workspace

Focus on employee safety and well-being by creating a healthy environment can improve employee satisfaction, workplace culture and employer reputation.

Preventative Screening

Less Absenteeism

Employees who tackle health problems before they get worse, would miss fewer work days and return to work sooner.

Expert Collaboration

Reduced Premium Cost

If the health insurance cost is incurred by the employer, healthier employees can lead to lower insurance premiums.


  • According to a recent initiative towards the “Fit India Movement”, and conducted by a health and fitness app, 63 percent of employees working in the corporate sector in India are overweight.
  • A study conducted by a renowned diabetologist, showed that 37% of urban south Asian Indians suffer from Diabetes and pre-Diabetes condition.
  • Delhi alone has an estimated 29.8 lakh people suffering from Diabetes disease as per the Indo-US collaborative study.
  • 9 out of 10 Indians suffer from stress. Survey further revealed that 95 percent of Indian millennials between the age bracket of 18-34 are stressed compared to the worldwide average of 86 percent. Making matters worse, one in eight Indians have serious trouble in handling stress but nearly 75 percent of the Indian respondents said they do not feel comfortable talking to a medical professional about their stress. Consultation cost together was the most important barriers to seeking professional help.
  • 9.8 million teenagers in the age group 13-17 years suffer from depression and other mental health disorders and are “In need of active intervention".
  • On gender basis, the survey shows 84% of men are stressed, at the same time 79% of women also suffer from stress in India. The leading causes of stress for single, married, and working mothers vary, but all mention personal finance, too much work, and personal health as the source of their stress.

How does a healthy workforce improve performance in business?

healthy employee

With the number of people dropping working-age in the Public sector, attracting and retaining staff is becoming increasingly important. Management may reduce employee turnover and recruiting costs by simply promoting good health amongst employees and creating a positive work environment. A safe workplace gives a number of other significant benefits. ProactiveHealth360 aids in strengthening organisation by promoting, maintaining healthy workforce:

Enhances productivity
Improves business performance
Reduces sick pay costs
Increases employee engagement
Enhance staff morale
Reduces work-related stress & ill health
Develops positive and holistic individual approach

Healthy workplace, healthy workforce = better business delivery

Employees defined the corporate culture and are the most important assets of any organisation. Nowadays due to increasing work related stress and non communicable diseases many employers have taken a positive step towards making sure that their employees feel comfortable expressing their health objectives and the preservation of general health as topic of discussion. If employees don't feel like they're being heard or worse that managers don't want to waste energy on the health conversation, they tend to remain silent. A lack of public enthusiasm makes it increasingly difficult to improve the health of a workforce.

By implementing the ProactiveHealth360 platform in the workplace, employers are able to send a clear message to their employees that management is genuinely concerned about the well-being of their people. This leads to a healthier and happier workforce resulting in improved workplace culture and reputation. This also promotes employee retention.

healthy workplace

Our Mission - Your Healthier Version!

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ProactiveHealth360 believes in healthy practices and encourages masses to unfollow crash diets, starvation diets, and instead opt for healthy, nutritious and balanced diet which leads to achieve your target i.e weight loss, weight gain and muscle building. Once a user enrols with us, our certified nutritionists help to understand the lifestyle challenges, food preferences, allergies, and other details to create your personalized diet plan that gels well in your day to day lifestyle.

Enroll the door towards holistic wellness with us:

100+ Diagnostic Tests (Blood & urine) Predictive Health Risk Analysis
Consolidated, digitised records stored safely & securely using HIPAA protocols PH Score (Comprehensive health score)
Detailed health review & follow up by physician Personalized, descriptive and self-explanatory health dashboard
Personalised video health briefing by physician Easy accessible report sharing with doctors globally
1-year subscription



My very first month and have to say a very consistent and consumer centric easy following approach . Would love to explore more about my journey with ProactiveHealthy360.

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Really happy with the Proactive services as it’s my first step towards health and now I know what are my health risk and how I can overcome them for the future .With personalised nutritionist , physician consultation and routine follow ups I am able to manage the changes in my routine which lead to drastic change in my weight and approach towards life . Now I am more happy , more conscious and love to spend time alone with myself.

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I achieved a healthier version of myself with ProactiveHealth360. I got to know my PH score and their attention towards me was commendable. I highly recommend their services as they are dedicated and committed to overall health wellness.

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ProactiveHealth360 came as an eyeopener to me. I was unaware of my health risk and have thought I am all fit as I have appropriate and healthy weight. But when all my past history and screening consolidated at one place and associated together then I realised how vulnerable I am. Now I am all motivated, positive and consistent with my health journey and making it better day by day with the proper diet, workout and physician recommendation.



Liked the concept they have put through and the journey has become very smooth with the proper guidance and support.

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